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Cooling device for a data center

Sustainable Cooling Solutions for Data Centers: From Air to Liquid Cooling

5 min read

Data centers have always been challenged to keep their spaces cool and protect their valuable infrastructure from overheating but increasing digital demands have led to an exponential increase in heat generation, making it imperative to fin...

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Data Centers

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Achieving Sustainable Data Centers

4 min read
Artificial intelligence (AI) has a significant role in achieving sustainable data centers by optimizing energy consumption, reducing carbon ...
Sustainable Data Center

Data Center Refresh: Optimize Your Operations to Leverage New Trends

4 min read
2022 was a challenging year for many in the data center industry, and some experts are calling for more economic uncertainty this year, whic...
sustainable technology

Consulting Group Says Tech Can Offer a Fast Track to Sustainability

3 min read
Mechanization has certainly not always had a positive impact on the earth’s air, water, soil, and habitat since the start of the Industrial ...

Data Centers Must Demonstrate a Commitment to Sustainability

3 min read
Sustainability has become such a hot topic for all companies across all industries that the question moving forward is to how to best addres...
Ecoloy illustration Lamp bulb with clean nature and renewable energy symbol inside

Technology is Shaping Sustainability, Advancing Productivity and Efficiency

4 min read
Our planet's future is important to all of us so contributing to sustainability has become a universal goal across all businesses and sector...
Sustainability - person with calculator and graphs

Sustainability Trends in the Growing Data Center Industry

3 min read
In today’s digital-first world, data centers have become a modern quasi-public utility as their infrastructure -- as much as water, gas, and...
Data Center

Data Centers Learn How to Curb Energy Consumption Appetite

3 min read
The world’s digital transformation has led to dire warnings that the information and communications technology (ICT) industry’s appetite for...

Hexatronic Group's Climate Action Week

2 min read
This week the companies in Hexatronic Group are participating in Climate Action Week. Our goal is to contribute to a more sustainable societ...