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Data Center threatened by cybersecurity

How Data Center Connectivity Impacts Network Security and Data Privacy

5 min read

Data center connectivity is essential for businesses and organizations to securely transfer data and communicate with other entities. However, it also brings up important network security and data privacy concerns.

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Office Theft

The Physical Security of Your Data Center: How to Keep Everything Safe

4 min read
Data centers are on high alert to protect their valuable assets such as customer data, financial records, and intellectual property as the c...

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month

4 min read
October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month with the 2022 campaign's overarching theme of “See Yourself in Cyber.” Each fall the Cybersecurity ...

How Google Secures Its Data Centers

4 min read
In a cybersecurity landscape that experts say is changing at a dizzying pace, Google has developed security as a culture to protect its sens...
Cyber Security

Why Cybersecurity Threats Have Become More Dangerous

3 min read
Cybersecurity threats are becoming more dangerous with global losses from cybercrime increasing 50 percent since 2018 with losses now exceed...