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Optical fiber

How Fiber Optic Cables Improve Data Center Speed and Latency

4 min read

Fiber optic cables are a critical component of the modern data center, providing faster speeds and lower latency which is essential for businesses and organizations to stay competitive and meet the high-speed data transfer needs of their cu...

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Link Loss

Fiber Optic Cable Link Loss Explained

3 min read
The backbone of today’s high-speed internet is based on fiber optic cables which can deliver greater bandwidth at faster speeds over longer ...
Blue shining fiber optic

What is Polarity and Why is it Important?

3 min read
Network technicians installing and managing fiber cabling in data centers would be wise to take a page out of the “Ghostbusters” playbook: “...

Fiber Optic Cable Types

4 min read
It’s been 30 years since fiber optic cables ushered in a new networking era that fueled the rise of the internet and our modern digital worl...

History of Structured Cabling: Creating Order from Chaos

3 min read
Structured cabling is much more than preventing your data center floor from looking like a big bowl of pasta. Sure, structured cabling will ...