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Optimize Your Operations with a Data Center Refresh


IT Departments around the globe launch into 2021 with the task of optimizing their data center operations with limited financial resources as they continue to navigate the overwhelming effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the associated economic fallout.

When efficiency is the guiding objective, a deployment of leading-edge connectivity solutions will reduce latency and ensure your network is performing at optimal network speeds for generations to come.

“An infrastructure refresh in the data center can deliver the capabilities organizations need to do more with less,” according to a PC World magazine article.

A data center refresh allows your company to better manage operations and take advantage of new features which can lead to:

  •       Improved performance
  •       Increased reliability
  •       Greater control of IT operations

Intel in its “Data Center Optimization Planning Guide” says that, “optimized technology can help you spend less time managing your data center and more time serving the business.”

Advantages of a Data Center Refresh

For IT Department managers, optimizing operations means getting more out of every resource when it comes to compute, storage, and network.

A successful data center refresh will provide immediate advantages while also planning for future growth.

These advantages not only include operational efficiency and the ability to utilize leading-edge cloud computing, but a data center refresh will also allow your company to leverage new business opportunities such as:

  •       High-performance computing speeds
  •       Enterprise mobility
  •       Big data
  •       Collaborative and social computing

It may be imperative to invest in your data center to maintain a competitive advantage as data center spending is expected to hit $200 billion in 2021, according to Gartner in an October 2020 report.

“‘Much of the reduced demand in 2020 is expected to return in 2021 when staff can physically be onsite,” says Naveen Mishra, Gartner’s senior research director. “The priority for most companies in 2020 is keeping the lights on, so data center growth is generally being pushed back until the market enters the recovery period.”

Replacing Aging Infrastructure

A data center refresh can focus on replacing aging infrastructure which often is at greater security risk and more costly to maintain than newer systems.

Intel says in its planning guide, “aging equipment simply can’t perform the way it needs to. The risk of obsolescence trumps all.”

A lot of enterprise data centers are structured around aging infrastructure as the Uptime Institute estimates that the most common refresh time in 2020 is five years compared to three years in 2015.

By replacing aging infrastructure, your company can expect:

  •       Lower operating costs
  •       Lower maintenance costs
  •       Reduced energy consumption
  •       Advanced security measures
  •       Better performance

Incorporating agility and flexibility into your data center refresh, allows your company to take advantage of new business opportunities and emerging technologies.

2021 will be just the start for data center new infrastructure as Gartner expects the infrastructure market to grow year over year to 2024.

Look Beyond Hardware in Data Center Refresh

It would be a mistake to only look to hardware when contemplating a data center refresh.

To gain true efficiency, your data center refresh should be a combination of adding the latest hardware, software, virtualization, and connectivity solutions. 

Ultimately you want IT to shine as a strategic asset that can drive business success and not just be a cost center for your company.

At Data Center Systems (DCS) we leverage technical expertise, attention to detail, and client insights to help make best-in-class products for the data center industry.

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