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How to Support and Encourage Growth

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Searching out the potential in others and encouraging their growth is important and challenging for leaders. Creating situations where you can support interaction with executive leadership can help team members progress in their careers. It can be inspirational to meet with senior leadership if you are in a supporting role in the company. It can also be intimidating if you are not sure what to expect from the exchange, how to respond to questions, and how to prepare a response.Hopefully, you are part of a company that supports and enables growth among co-workers. Encouragement from leadership, especially executive leadership, can help people embrace confidence.

As a team leader, how do you assist with this type of growth for your team? Can you add team members to calls with senior leadership? Can you encourage team members to answer questions about their accounts and expected opportunities? Does the structure and culture of your company allow for team members of all levels to address directly with senior leadership specific issues going on within those accounts?

Some cultures thrive on establishing “open door” policies and communication between all levels of co-workers. DCS is one of those companies where the culture enables open communication between all levels of management. Communicating directly with senior leadership is greatly encouraged throughout all levels of employees.

Managers can mentor others by coaching team members to learn what questions will be asked, how to address concerns, what details should be known before meetings, and what challenges might arise during the discussion. Managers explain how to address those situations with etiquette and confidence. Having the support of your manager through preparation and coaching encourages growth and fosters trust.

Bring a co-worker to your next meeting and debrief with them afterward to see what they might have learned. Is there feedback you can offer to enhance their skills? Is there something you could learn from their perspective? Diverse viewpoints from the same meeting can generate new perspectives or enable a greater understanding of future problem-solving. It also allows leadership to share their vision and appreciation for the team.

Encouraging growth within a company is a multifaceted endeavor that requires active support from leadership and team members alike. By fostering a culture of open communication, mentorship, and learning, companies like DCS have shown the positive impact it can have on both individual development and overall organizational success.

As a team leader, consider implementing these strategies to empower your team members and create an environment where everyone feels confident contributing to discussions with senior leadership. Remember, promoting growth isn't just about professional development; it's about building trust, confidence, and a stronger, more collaborative workplace.

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